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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

BD Technology Limited as a responsible corporate citizen is fully aware of its responsibilities about how its operational activities impact its stakeholders, the economy, the society, its staff and the environment. Conducting business in an ethical way, creating opportunities for business and economic growth, empowering people to fulfill their aspirations, ensuring protection of environment while financing businesses and supporting the distressed people of the society are at the heart of corporate social responsibility policy of BD Technology Limited. In BD Technology Ltd, we take this responsibility and believe that responsible conducts are directly correlated with economic and social development of the country.

Contribution to economy

Primarily our business strategies are based on goodwill and trust of the customers and other stakeholders. Our CSR programs help strengthen this trust. BD Technology Ltd conducts its activities in a responsible way to maximize value for its customers, stakeholders and the economy. Making technology affordable for masses to facilitate seamless transaction and socio-economic development.BD Technology Ltd has taken these initiatives as part of its CSR programs to reach the benefits to the customers enabling them.

Taking responsibility to protect the environment

BD Technology Ltd complies with environmental standard while auditing industrial projects. Projects with likely adverse impact on environment are strongly discouraged by BD Technology Ltd. We are trying to incorporate sound environmental management process in business operations of projects financed by owner that can ensure healthy and sustainable environment for our future generations. BD Technology Ltd introduced a guideline demanding assessment of environmental and social impacts of the projects to ensure that operations of the projects would be eco-friendly. Environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources are matters of great concern in Bangladesh like anywhere in the world. Environmental degradation is taking place due to poverty, over-population and lack of awareness about the environment. It is manifested by deforestation, destruction of wetlands, depletion of soil nutrients etc. Natural calamities like floods, cyclones and tidal bores also result in severe socio-economic and environmental damage. BD Technology Ltd has been continuously creating social awareness to protect the environment that is essential for present and future generations. With that end in view, BD Technology Ltd is regularly advertising in print and electronic media to develop an eco-friendly society for sustainable and healthy human life.


BD Technology limited attaches utmost importance to the development of its employees through continuous training so that BD Technology Ltd executives can have competitive advantage in the market. The training need of individual employees including training need for introducing new products, services and technology is evaluated on a continuous and systematic way. We imparted training to 156 officers in 15 different courses since 2008-present. The training programs were organized by our own training institute.